Roc Records

Talent Management:

Being a successful musician is a lot of work. The fewer things you are dealing with outside of your art (your job) the more free you are to create and perform. Artists who have tried managing their careers without some sort of assistance know that it can lead to many distractions and pitfalls. Musicians need to be focused on their music.

We can guide you through the entire process. If you need some support from writing through performing we will bring resources and people to bear on the work at hand. These are the most basic areas where we can help.

  • booking
  • production
  • distribution
  • advertising / promotion
  • accounting


If you would like to talk to us about any of our talent relations services you can contact us at:

submissions at rocrecords dot com

* for those interested in booking, production and distribution please include

  • 3 of your ‘signature’ recordings in .mp3 format
  • your EPK (electronic press kit) or equivalent with names and contact information
  • a bio including your accomplishments, experiences and key talents

ALL submissions will be reviewed.